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Extended Warranties

Repair bills can be expensive. Protect yourself with an extended warranty for your car or truck.  Freedom Credit Union has teamed up with Elite Warranty to offer coverage for virtually any vehicle on the road. Contact us for a quote for your vehicle.

What Warranty Options are Available?

The warranty available depends on the year and mileage of your vehicle.  All warranties we sell include roadside assistance for the life of the contract. Please review the contracts for more information.

Superior Coverage

  • This is the most comprehensive coverage. It essentially extends the original manufacturer warranty to the age/mileage limits described below. This is “named exclusion” coverage, meaning they list the components that are NOT covered. If it’s not on the exclusion list, it is covered.
  • It is available for vehicles that are no more than 5 model years old and have 60k miles or less.
  • The coverage is available up to 5 years from the date we add the warranty, or until the odometer reads 100k miles.
  • Coverage limit: Current NADA retail value. This means that if a car is worth $12,000 at the time it needs a repair and has already had $10,000 worth of repairs done to it, they will only pay another $2,000 before the coverage is exhausted. (Running into this limit is pretty unlikely.)

Premium Plus Coverage

  • This is solid coverage that protects a wide variety of items.
  • The coverage is available on vehicles that have less than 120k miles.
  • Coverage is available for up to 4 years or 60k miles from the date the extended warranty is purchased.  This means that potentially the coverage could extend until the odometer reads 159,999.
  • Coverage limits: Will not pay more than $3,000 for any single repair.  The max over the life of the contract is the current NADA retail value.  (See above for description.)

Standard Plus Coverage

  • This is good basic coverage. Many people refer to it as “powertrain” coverage.
  • The coverage is available on any vehicle, regardless of the mileage or year of the vehicle.
  • Coverage is available up to 5 years or 100k miles from the date the extended warranty is purchased.
  • There are per-component limits on what it will pay described in the contract. The most this plan will pay out is $5,000 over the life of the contract for a gasoline vehicle or $7,000 for a diesel vehicle.

How Do You Make a Claim?

This is one of the best features of the plan. You can take your car to any mechanic that is ASE certified. (That’s nearly every mechanic in the country that’s not working out of his driveway.) The mechanic needs to contact the warranty provider before any work is done to get it authorized. Once it is authorized, the work will be done and the warranty provider will pay for the repair by credit card over the phone. You do not have to pay for it first and then get reimbursed.

Are There Limitations?

In addition to the coverage limits described above, the coverage does not include payment for sales tax or fluids. This means that if the transmission needs to be replaced, you will still have to pay for the sales tax and the transmission fluid, but the warranty will pay for the actual transmission.

Also note that none of the warranties cover normal maintenance costs or “wear and tear” damage. There is no coverage for tires, oil changes, air/oil filters, windshields, shocks and struts, wiper blades, hoses, or other things that normally wear out and need to be replaced as part of normal maintenance.

View warranty contracts:

Superior Contract
Premium Plus Coverage
Standard Plus Coverage


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