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Overdraft Protection

A bounced check. It happens to the best of us, and it’s never any fun. Maybe a deposit arrived late, a withdrawal came early, or there was a simple math error. Whatever the reason, you can help protect yourself from non-sufficient funds (NSF) fees with an Overdraft Line of Credit.

We offer the most consumer-friendly overdraft protection around by saying NO:

  • NO application fee
  • NO maintenance fee
  • NO transfer fee
  • NO per-transaction fee

While many other financial institutions charge a fee ranging from $10 to $25 or more just to make a transfer from your established line of credit, we don’t! The only cost associated with this line of credit is the finance charge (16% apr) on the amount actually used. If you never use it, it doesn’t cost you anything! But if you need it, the finance charge is tiny compared to the expense and hassle of dealing with a returned check.

Not sure if an overdraft line of credit is worth it? Consider this scenario: You need to pay $350 for a car repair, but won’t get paid for another week. So, you write out a check, hoping your paycheck will beat the check.  It doesn’t.

  No Overdraft Protection With Overdraft Protection
NSF Fee from the Credit Union $25 $0
NSF Fee from the Mechanic $25 (or more!) $0
Finance Charge for 7 Days $0 $1.07
Total Fees $50.00 or More! $1.07

In addition to saving nearly $49 on this one check, overdraft protection avoids the embarrassment and hassle of having to deal with a returned check.

Do you prefer using your debit card instead of checks? We don’t blame you! Overdraft protection helps here too by providing funds to approve your transaction instead of declining it.

No matter how you look at it, our member-friendly overdraft protection just makes sense.  So don’t leave yourself unprotected. Get protected today!

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